Rossio Square


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Rossio Square - 从 Calçada do Carmo, Portugal
Rossio Square - 从 Calçada do Carmo, Portugal
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Rossio Square
📍 从 Calçada do Carmo, Portugal
Rossio Square, in Lisbon, Portugal, is an architectural gem in the heart of the Portuguese capital and one of the most beautiful squares in Lisbon. In the middle of the square stands the remarkable D. Pedro IV Column, a grandiose homage to the Portuguese King, who is known as the Unifier of Portugal. The area around the Square also includes memorable sites such as the Rossio Train Station, constructed in the late 18th century and the majestic La Estrela Basilica, one of Lisbon's most important churches. The Rossio Square is a true icon of the city - music, drama and royal displays are still featured in the square to a great deal of enjoyment. From the terrace of La Estrela Basilica, it's possible to get an excellent view of the Rossio Square and wander the surrounding area. With historical buildings, exquisite sculptures, and modern monuments around every corner, visitors and photographers to the Rossio Square can marvel at the fountains, gardens, cobbled streets, and hidden attractions during any season.

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