Road 18


Road 18 - 从 Drone, Romania
Road 18 - 从 Drone, Romania
Road 18
📍 从 Drone, Romania
Road 18 in Baia Sprie, Romania is a picturesque winding road, surrounded by picturesque greenery and majestic mountains. It provides stunning views, especially when fog descends onto the mountain top. Along the road, travelers can enjoy hiking, biking and mountain biking. There are also opportunities to explore the area by car and take a tour of the many sites in the region, including Sapanta Monastery, the Wooden Church at Plopis, and Bodişul Monastery. The nearby Izvorul Muntelui, the highest peak in the area, is worth visiting, as it offers breathtaking sunrises and sunsets. Visitors can also explore various caves in the region, including the one within the town of Baia Sprie, which is nearly a mile deep. There is something for everyone in Baia Sprie, from nature walkers and adventure-seekers to photographers, tourists, and history buffs.

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