Rice Terraces


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Rice Terraces - Indonesia
Rice Terraces - Indonesia
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Rice Terraces
📍 Indonesia
The rice terraces of Indonesia are a stunning example of man-made beauty. Located in the vast rainforests of West Java, the fields have been built on the steep hillsides by generations of local farmers. The walls of the terraces are made of rock and soil and are up to five meters high in some places, creating an unforgettable view of cascading plantations. Travelers and photographers can enjoy these surreal landscapes in Bali and Lombok, where more than 3,000 hectares of terraced fields are located. From lush green to vibrant yellow, each patch of land offers a unique perspective of Indonesian culture and stunning nature scenes. The warm and humid climate makes this a perfect destination all year round and it is definitely worth planning a trip to take in the unforgettable sight of the rice terraces.

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