Rainbow Falls


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Rainbow Falls - United States
Rainbow Falls - United States
Rainbow Falls
📍 United States
Rainbow Falls in Watkins Glen, United States is a stunning waterfall located along the Gorge Trail in Watkins Glen State Park. The beautiful falls plunge 21 meters into a ravine, cascading into a crystal clear pool below. The falls are encircled by a horseshoe of towering cliffs, lush greenery and cliffs covered in ferns. The area around the falls is particularly picturesque and it’s a superb spot for photography and sightseeing. You can get close to the falls via a series of stairs, or take a short up-climb trail that allows a fulfilling view of the falls. There are plenty of lookouts and places to explore at Rainbow Falls, including a scenic trestle bridge across an upper gorge, as well as additional waterfalls, walking trails and interesting rock formations.

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