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Quebec - 从 Terrasse Park, Canada
Quebec - 从 Terrasse Park, Canada
📍 从 Terrasse Park, Canada
Welcome to Terrasse Park in Quebec City! Located along the St. Lawrence River, Terrasse Park offers one of the most beautiful urban views in Canada. The terrace looks out over the city's old town, ramparts, and the sturdy walls of the city's defensive ammunition depot that is home to historical Fortifications de Québec. Terrasse Park is a great way to take in the beauty of one of Canada's oldest cities. During the summer, the terrace is lined with several eateries, making it a great spot for lunch. Or take a walk through the gardens in the park taking in the impressive bronze statue of the slain Canadian hero, Louis-Joseph Papineau. In addition to relaxing and walking through the gardens, the park itself is a great spot for skateboarding, rollerblading, or cycling along the river!

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