Praça do Comércio


Praça do Comércio - Spain
Praça do Comércio - Spain
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Praça do Comércio
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Praça do Comércio is a beautiful square located in the iconic city of Lisbon in Portugal. It is situated on the Tagus River and is one of the city’s most important historic locations. The square dates back to the 18th century and is surrounded by elegant buildings featuring Portuguese and Neo-Classic architecture styles.

At Praça do Comércio, you can find the impressive Arco da Vitória, a monumental arch spanning the width of the square. This arch celebrates the end of royal rule in Portugal and is adorned with sculptures and statues of important figures from Portuguese history. Also located here is the grand statue of King José I facing the Tagus River. The Praça do Comércio is a perfect spot to capture some of the beauty of Lisbon in your photography. Here, you can enjoy the views of the Tagus River, as well as some lovely buildings, interesting pieces of public art, and the beautiful scenery of this historic area. Be sure to take your camera and snap some shots here in the Praça do Comércio!

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