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Positano - 从 Positano Beach, Italy
Positano - 从 Positano Beach, Italy
📍 从 Positano Beach, Italy
Positano is a stunning coastal community in Campania, Italy. It is situated along the Amalfi Coast, which is one of the most famous landscapes of Italy. Its narrow, winding roads, colorful houses, and vibrant piazzas create an idyllic backdrop for visitors.

Positano Beach on the Bay of Salerno is one of the most popular attractions. Here visitors can soak up the sun and enjoy the scenery, with the pastel-colored houses cascading down the small hills. The beach also has several restaurants, coffee bars and shops, perfect for lazy days or evening strolls. For breathtaking views, take a hike up to the Church of Santa Maria Assunta. Perched atop a hilltop, the church is Positano's most iconic landmark. The massive dome of the church is decorated in majolica tiles and overlooks a breathtaking panorama of the town’s many sites. The church is famous for the 13th-century Byzantine icon of Black Madonna located inside. There are also a few beaches located in Positano. La Porta Beach, La Sponda Beach, and Fornillo Beach are popular spots for swimming and sunbathing. Each beach has its own distinct personality and character. Last but not least, Positano has a wide variety of restaurants and small shopping venues. Its unique culture, architecture, and vibrant atmosphere make it a popular vacation destination. Visitors can find everything from small, family-run restaurants to a variety of high-end boutiques and dining spots.

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