Port Erin Beach


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Port Erin Beach - 从 Beach, Isle of Man
Port Erin Beach - 从 Beach, Isle of Man
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Port Erin Beach
📍 从 Beach, Isle of Man
Port Erin Beach is located on the southeastern most tip of the Isle of Man, a self-governing British Crown dependency. The small, sandy beach is 500 meters long, and faces the Irish Sea. In the warmer months, the beach attracts swimmers and sunbathers but the waters remain cold year-round. Visitors can explore the rocky pool and small cliff at either end of the beach. The nearby town of Port Erin offers a range of shops and eateries. Enjoy a stroll along the well-kept promenade for lovely views over the bay. Don't miss the historic Museum Railway Station and its collection of locomotives. The beach also provides access to the world-famous Raad ny Foillan coastal footpath, which stretches all the way around the island's beautiful coastline.

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