Poolbeg Lighthouse


Poolbeg Lighthouse - 从 Lighthouse Path, Ireland
Poolbeg Lighthouse - 从 Lighthouse Path, Ireland
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Poolbeg Lighthouse
📍 从 Lighthouse Path, Ireland
Poolbeg Lighthouse, in County Dublin, Ireland is a historic lighthouse built in 1767. It is situated at the mouth of Dublin Port, and complex of 2 lighthouses, stands about 4 km east of the city center. One lighthouse is red and the other is white. Both lighthouses were built from local granite, making them distinct from the other lighthouses in the area. The lighthouses are open to the public and can be climbed, weather permitting. The views of Dublin Bay, Dalkey Island, and the Irish Sea make it an attractive destination for visitors and photographers. Visitors can learn about local aviation with a nearby replica of an old Air Corps aircraft hangar. There is also a lovely beach nearby with colorful boats bobbing in the water, providing both photographers and tourists with stunning sea views!

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