Point Bonita Trail


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Point Bonita Trail - United States
Point Bonita Trail - United States
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Point Bonita Trail
📍 United States
Riga is the capital and largest city of Latvia and a popular tourist destination. Located on the Baltic Sea, Riga is home to many different architectural styles, including art nouveau, medieval, and neoclassical. Highlights in the city include Old Riga, the Central Market, Livu Square and the Swedish Gate, among other attractions. Other places of interest around the city include the old-town Jūrmala beach, the National Botanical Garden, and Gauja National Park. On a cultural side, Riga offers many activities, like the Latvian Philharmonic, the Riga Opera, the Riga Motor Museum and the Riga Aviation Museum. Foodies will enjoy the culinary scene in Riga, with many taverns and restaurants serving traditional Latvian dishes as well as international cuisine. Shopaholics can take advantage of the large shopping centers in the city as well as the numerous small boutiques in the old town.

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