Playa del Coto


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Playa del Coto - 从 Trail, Spain
Playa del Coto - 从 Trail, Spain
Playa del Coto
📍 从 Trail, Spain
Playa del Coto, in Matalascañas, Spain, is an idyllic beach with golden sands and tranquil blue waters. It is surrounded by lush vegetation and crystal clear streams. The beach is great for swimming, fishing, beach sports and other activities like kayaking, jet skiing, and surfing. You can also take a boat trip or go for a nature walk. Near the beach are some restaurants and bars for a relaxed evening by the sea. Furthermore, close to the beach is a path to the coastal marsh. The path is easy to follow and it provides great views across the wetlands, making it a perfect spot for wildlife-lovers. At the end of the path, there is a picturesque fishing village. The perfect place for those seeking relaxation and beautiful views!

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