Pitfour Lake


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Pitfour Lake - 从 Deck, United Kingdom
Pitfour Lake - 从 Deck, United Kingdom
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Pitfour Lake
📍 从 Deck, United Kingdom
Pitfour Lake is a tranquil lake nestled in the Aberdeenshire countryside. It provides a stunning backdrop for walkers, bird-watchers, and nature-lovers with its various wildlife and stunning flora and fauna. The lake itself is teeming with various species of fish, and makes a great spot for fishing. The walking trails around the lake offer varied terrain, ranging from easy and level paths to more challenging uphill climbs - a great opportunity to stretch your legs! If time allows, take a drive around the lake to discover hidden viewpoints, with opportunity for a variety of photographs. Don’t forget to bring binoculars, as the lake is sure to have some notable feathered visitors around, some of them being rare species.

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