Piazza sull'acqua


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Piazza sull'acqua - Italy
Piazza sull'acqua - Italy
Piazza sull'acqua
📍 Italy
Piazza Sull’Aqua is a beautiful piazza located in Rimini, Italy, on the seafront promenade. It is located between the old city centre, with its historic buildings and monuments, and the Adriatic shore. The airy and spacious square is always filled with people strolling, chatting, and enjoying the sea breeze. Along one side of the square stands the grand classic style seventeenth century gate of Palazzo del Comune, adorned with statues representing mythological gods and feminine virtues. On the other side stand the ruins of the Castel Sismondo, a castle of the fifteenth century. The piazza's centrepiece is a large fountain featuring six bronze dolphins twirling around a large circular structure. It’s a great spot to take a break for a break for a cappuccino or a sandwich, or to capture the sun setting over the Adriatic Sea.

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