Piazza della Libertà


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Piazza della Libertà - Italy
Piazza della Libertà - Italy
Piazza della Libertà
📍 Italy
Piazza della Libertà is a public square in the heart of historic Bergamo, Italy. This imposing square is arched by a row of grand facades, many of which are churches, and it is a favorite spot for locals to relax on benches, inside the colonnades or even in the ornate garden on the southern side. Originally named Piazza Vecchia (Old Square) since it was the city center since the 5th century, the square was renamed in 1947 to commemorate the Italian Republic. It is home to several important buildings, like Palazzo del Podestà, the bishops palace, and Loggia della Scimmia, which was once the seat of the law court. The 24 vertical columns supporting the archway depict important figures from the city's history, such as architect Bartolomeo Caniana. With its rich history, peaceful atmosphere, beautiful architecture, and grand sculptures, the Piazza della Libertà is one of the main attractions in Bergamo and a must-visit for all travelers!

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