Peterborough's Cathedral


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Peterborough's Cathedral - 从 Inside, United Kingdom
Peterborough's Cathedral - 从 Inside, United Kingdom
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Peterborough's Cathedral
📍 从 Inside, United Kingdom
Peterborough Cathedral is one of the oldest and most distinguished religious structures in the United Kingdom. This 900-year-old building is one of the country's earliest examples of Norman architecture and was granted its cathedral status in 1541. It is known for its imposing Gothic facade, which rises 92 feet and is made of limestone and flint. Inside, its high ceilings, delicate sculptures, and magnificently carved choir screen are just some of the impressive features. Visitors can also find a copy of Magna Carta and Queen Victoria’s original Letters Patent, granting the building cathedral status, in the crypt. The cathedral provides tours, lectures, concerts, and other events throughout the year, so don’t forget to check their schedule during your visit.

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