Pepsi Cola Sign


Pepsi Cola Sign - 从 Front, United States
Pepsi Cola Sign - 从 Front, United States
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Pepsi Cola Sign
📍 从 Front, United States
The iconic Pepsi Cola Sign in Long Island City, New York is more than just an iconic sight—it's a historic landmark! The giant sign was erected in 1940 to mark the headquarters of the Pepsi-Cola Company in the borough of Queens. Shaped like a giant bottlecap, it is illuminated at night and can be seen from afar. Located on the East River waterfront between the Queensboro and the Robert F. Kennedy Bridges, the Pepsi Cola Sign is a reminder of the history of the area and it is a great viewpoint for photos! There's no admission fee to see the sign, and it's easy to get there from the Vernon-Jackson 7 train stop. Stroll along the waterfront and take in the views of Manhattan and New York City as you make your way to this iconic sign.

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