Palacio de Cristal


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Palacio de Cristal - 从 Inside, Spain
Palacio de Cristal - 从 Inside, Spain
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Palacio de Cristal
📍 从 Inside, Spain
The Palacio de Cristal is one of Madrid’s most iconic landmarks, renowned for its beautiful design and unique structure. It is an iron and glass structure that was built in 1887 as an exhibition hall by the Royal Botanical Gardens of Madrid. The palace was originally used to showcase different species of plants and flowers but nowadays is used to host various events. It is an iconic landmark in Madrid with its large glass greenhouse. The interior of the palace is quite remarkable and visitors can admire the lightness of the metal construction and its beautiful glass roof. The Palacio de Cristal overlooks the Manzanares River and is surrounded by trees, making it a perfect place to take a peaceful stroll or have a picnic. Visitors can also choose to explore the gardens which feature sculptures, plants, and flower beds. There’s also a large shopping center located nearby with plenty of restaurants, shops and cafes, making it easy to spend a day exploring this beautiful area.

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