Palacio de Carlos V


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Palacio de Carlos V - Spain
Palacio de Carlos V - Spain
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Palacio de Carlos V
📍 Spain
The Palacio de Carlos V in Granada, Spain, is a magnificent Renaissance palace located in the city's iconic Alhambra complex. The palace was built in the 16th century for King Charles V. It is a remarkable example of mixture of architectural styles, written in the golden period of Spain history. The palace is actually a fortification, with thick walls and towers. Inside there is a beautiful courtyard with an octagonal pool and surrounded by arches. The decoration of the palace is completed with white and ochre colors and ceramic tiles. The palace has been renovated many times, and under each work, new elements and styles have been added. Visitors can explore through different halls and galleries and appreciate a wide range of artworks and decorations. Take time to appreciate this remarkable and unique architectural masterpiece, a perfect symbol of Granada’s history.

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