Obernberger Lake


Obernberger Lake - 从 North Side, Austria
Obernberger Lake - 从 North Side, Austria
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Obernberger Lake
📍 从 North Side, Austria
Obernberger Lake is a picturesque glacial lake located in the beautiful Austrian Alps. The lake is situated in Obernberg am Brenner, a small municipality in the Tyrolean region of Austria. It is surrounded by spectacular views, majestic mountains, lush meadows and dense forests, making it a great destination for hikers, nature lovers and photographers. For travelers, there is an abundance of activities to enjoy at the lake, including swimming, boating, fishing, camping, and picnicking. There are numerous walking trails around the lake, providing plenty of opportunities to explore the area. Visitors can explore the crystal-clear waters via a guided boat tour or simple kayaking available on-site. Obernberger Lake is an especially popular spot with families because of its calm waters and scenic surroundings.

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