Oberbaum Bridge


Oberbaum Bridge - 从 Below, Germany
Oberbaum Bridge - 从 Below, Germany
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Oberbaum Bridge
📍 从 Below, Germany
The Oberbaum Bridge is an iconic bridge in Berlin, Germany. It’s a double-deck, steel arch bridge that extends over the River Spree. It’s actually two bridges in one- the upper level is a road bridge and the lower level is a railway bridge. The bridge is decorated with a series of sculptures depicting mermaids, dolphins and hard-working fishermen. The bridge was built between 1896-1896 and is one of the most iconic landmarks in Berlin. It creates a wonderful photo opportunity and is the ideal spot to view the many historic sites of Berlin. From the bridge you can get a panoramic view of East Berlin and Kreuzberg, including the Berlin TV Tower and Berlin Cathedral. The bridge also serves as the perfect place to appreciate the unique culture of Berlin. On the upper level there are five U-Bahn stations and several trams, which allows you to go anywhere in the city.

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