Nesvizh Radziwiłł Castle


Nesvizh Radziwiłł Castle - 从 Drone, Belarus
Nesvizh Radziwiłł Castle - 从 Drone, Belarus
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Nesvizh Radziwiłł Castle
📍 从 Drone, Belarus
Nesvizh Radziwiłł Castle, situated in the town of Niasviž in Belarus, is an exquisite example of 16th century architecture. The castle was first built in 1586 by Mikołaj Radziwiłł and it is now on the UNESCO World Heritage List. Its original form is a combination of a two-storied palace with a high tower and an inner courtyard - it is surrounded by picturesque parks, ponds, and several outbuildings. Its rich interior features works by renowned Italian and Flemish renaissance painters, as well as its original furnishings. The castle has an interesting collection of items related to the Radziwiłł family, including portraits, personal belongings, mementos of their travels, and other memorabilia. Open to the public, it serves as a popular venue for sightseeing and recreation. Visitors can explore the main castle, the park, the chapel, and the Radziwiłł tomb, which is located in the basement.

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