Nassau Hall


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Nassau Hall - United States
Nassau Hall - United States
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Nassau Hall
📍 United States
Nassau Hall is the oldest building at Princeton University and a National Historic Landmark. It was originally built as the main building of the college in 1756, and throughout its history, served for both academic and administrative purposes. Its name comes from King William III, Prince of Orange of Nassau. The building is the site of many important American Patriot events, including the reading of the Declaration of Independence in the courtyard by the Continental Congress in 1776. Today, visitors can explore the historic building, including its impressive 19th-century Great Hall, free of charge. The Great Hall is home to several centuries of artwork, artifacts, and memorabilia, including three oil portraits of presidents, a piece of wallpaper from George Washington's time, and a collection of Chester County chairs. Though entry to the Hall is free, it is best to check the building's operating hours before planning your visit.

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