Nam Co


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Nam Co - 从 Viewpoint, China
Nam Co - 从 Viewpoint, China
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Nam Co
📍 从 Viewpoint, China
Nam Co is a lake located in the Tibet Autonomous Region of China, close to the Chinese-Indian border. At 5,330m above sea level, it is one of the largest alpine lakes in the world. The lake is surrounded by vast grasslands and mountain peaks and is an important habitat for waterbirds and other wildlife. Nam Co is also a popular tourist destination with many traditional Tibetan Buddhist pilgrimage sites along its shores. Visitors can explore the local areas, drive across the lake, or hike the nearby mountains for magnificent views of the lake. Fishing, camping, and photography are some of the activities visitors can enjoy while there. The nearby town of Shiquanhe offers plenty of tourist attractions, including museums and traditional Tibetan food markets.

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