Modro Lake


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Modro Lake - 从 Viewpoint, Croatia
Modro Lake - 从 Viewpoint, Croatia
Modro Lake
📍 从 Viewpoint, Croatia
Modro Lake is an ethereal sight situated in the small Croatian town of Imotski. This lake is known for its sapphire blue waters and for its unbelievably steep cliffs. From the top of the cliffs, the lake looks like a deep turquoise eye. These limestone cliffs offer one of the most spectacular vistas found in Imotski.

The Modro Lake is also called Blue Lake due to its amazing depth (as it descends up to 150 m), but diving is not allowed as it is a protected natural tourist attraction. Tourists often come to the lake to take a dip as a great alternative to its neighbour, Red Lake. The latter is a crater-lake with a salt-water composition and sharp red vegetation, which is a sight to behold. From Modro Lake you can also access the nearby Turovi Pakleni Hills, the perfect hike for adventurous travelers wanting to explore the beauty of Imotski. You can also explore some of the many vineyards in the area and make a full day out of the trip. For a great view of the region, make sure to go up Šator Hill just before sunset.

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