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Martinitoren - 从 Martinikerkhof, Netherlands
Martinitoren - 从 Martinikerkhof, Netherlands
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📍 从 Martinikerkhof, Netherlands
Located in Southwest Norway, the municipality of Odda is situated within the county of Hordaland. Boasting stunning views of the Hardanger River and stunning fjords, it’s spectacular scenery has rightly earned it the nickname “The Jewel of Hardanger”.

At the northern end of the municipality, you’ll find the awe-inspiring Vøringsfossen waterfall. With a free-fall height of 182 meters, it’s the most impressive in Norway, and well worth the effort of the quarter-mile walk to the viewing point. The village of Tyssedal, with its centuries-old industrial buildings, provides a unique glimpse of Norway’s past, with abandoned aluminum plants and factories giving a glimpse into a forgotten era. At its southern end, Odda is home to a number of imposing glaciers, including the Folgefonna Nature Reserve, which provides a wealth of opportunities for exploring, hiking and skiing. Easily accessible from both Oslo and Bergen, Odda is the perfect destination for the nature-loving traveler, who will find an idyllic landscape of mountains, fjords, glaciers and forests.

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