Laurel Hill Cemetery


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Laurel Hill Cemetery - United States
Laurel Hill Cemetery - United States
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Laurel Hill Cemetery
📍 United States
Laurel Hill Cemetery in Philadelphia is one of the oldest and most historically significant cemeteries in the United States. Established in 1836, the 75-acre site contains over 33,000 graves, including the tombs of more than 3,800 Civil War casualties, many of which are decorated with statues, urns and floral reliefs. The grounds are a walking paradise for those seeking to simply explore, or for photographers looking to capture the stories of a bygone era. Throughout the grounds you will find Gothic architecture, Victorian memorials, serpentine pathways and lush curved hills. Other notable features include the three breathtaking ornamental gates, an observation tower with stunning views of Fairmount Park, and a close-up view of the Philadelphia skyline directly across the river. Laurel Hill Cemetery provides a unique and peaceful place to reflect and appreciate the beauty, history and significance of this remarkable site.

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