Lago verde


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Lago verde - 从 Lanzarote, Spain
Lago verde - 从 Lanzarote, Spain
Lago verde
📍 从 Lanzarote, Spain
Lago Verde is a stunning natural lagoon situated in the volcanic landscapes of El Golfo, a small fishing village on the eastern part of Lanzarote. It's one of the mostpicturesque spots of the island, known for its beautiful emerald green lake surrounded by black rocky cliffs and striking blue waters. Here you will discover wonderful views of La Corona mountain and a picture-perfect oasis. With its unique geological formation, this magnificent spot is perfect for trekking, sunbathing and of course swimming! Enjoy the variety of local wildlife, seabirds and fish, while relaxing on its inviting sands. Enjoy a tranquil walk around the lake and discover its hidden caves. Find your perfect spot to take that special photo you will never forget!

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