Lago Enol


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Lago Enol - Spain
Lago Enol - Spain
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Lago Enol
📍 Spain
Lago Enol is a beautiful and serene lake in the heart of the Spanish province of Asturias. The lake is surrounded by thick forest, making it an ideal destination for a peaceful walk and bird watching. Its deep blue waters are an attraction in itself, fed by two rivers, the Sella and the Deva. The lake has been declared a protected space in order to preserve its environment. You can explore the lake by renting a rowboat from the nearby visitor center or take a canoe tour. The lake is also popular for fishing for trout, pike, carp, and eel. There are also several trails around the lake, perfect for a leisurely stroll or a more challenging hike. During the summer months, Lago Enol is the perfect destination for a swim.

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