Lac d'Allos


Lac d'Allos - 从 Refuge, France
Lac d'Allos - 从 Refuge, France
Lac d'Allos
📍 从 Refuge, France
Lac d'Allos, located in the Alpes of Haute Provence, is a high mountain lake surrounded by breathtaking alpine scenery, with the 2000m peaks of Mont Pelat, Le Clapier, Montagne du Pizarre and Lautaret on the horizon. The lake is 4.3km long and 1.2km wide, and a great place for swimming, boating and fishing. Most of the year the lake has very clear waters for snorkeling and exploring its aquatic plants, minerals as well as its kind of fish, including carp. There are a lot of activities such as hiking, mountain biking and cycling around the lake as well as great natural sighseeing spots. The lake is easily accessible from the village of Allos or nearby ski stations, and provides exceptional spots for nature photography.

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