La Pampa El Leoncito


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La Pampa El Leoncito - 从 El Mirador "El Manzanar", Argentina
La Pampa El Leoncito - 从 El Mirador "El Manzanar", Argentina
La Pampa El Leoncito
📍 从 El Mirador "El Manzanar", Argentina
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El Mirador exists before the entrance to El Leoncito park. You have to go yes or yes with mobility.
There is signage, you can leave the car and go up to admire the view. At the entrance of the path to the viewpoint, there is a Manzanar, hence its name. After going up, the view overlooks the mountain range and the Pampa del Leoncito in all its splendor. It is worth taking a few minutes before entering the park to admire all its power from above.