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L'Umbracle - Spain
L'Umbracle - Spain
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📍 Spain
L'Umbracle is a lush landscaped park located in the heart of València, Spain. It is home to a variety of both native and exotic species of plants and trees, creating a lovely oasis of scents, sounds, and sights. The park serves as an ideal spot for a leisurely stroll, with pathways lined with palms and water-features, a perfect place for an afternoon picnic or a romantic evening stroll. The park is also home to one of València’s best art museums, the Carmen Thyssen, which houses a large collection of 19th-century Spanish art. The park is also noted for its iconic Torre de los Vientos (tower of the winds), a 19th-century watchtower and a historic symbol of the region. Other attractions in the park include the Paseo de la Alameda and the Jardin del Turia, two popular promenades with many great views of the city of València. All in all, L'Umbracle is an ideal destination for nature lovers, sightseers, and art and history aficionados.

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