Kourion Amphitheater


Kourion Amphitheater - 从 Inside, Cyprus
Kourion Amphitheater - 从 Inside, Cyprus
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Kourion Amphitheater
📍 从 Inside, Cyprus
Kourion Amphitheater is a spectacular ruin located at the Kourion Archaeological site in the village of Episkopi, in the Limassol district of Cyprus. Built around the 2nd century AD, it once hosted theatrical performances and conferences. Sadly, the site has been hit by multiple earthquakes since its construction, and today it is only a shadow of its former glory. But visitors can still admire the remaining tiers of stone seats, the central orchestra, the semicircular stage building, the view of the Mediterranean and the breathtaking scenery. Amongst the ruins, visitors can also explore several buildings, each with its own unique history, such as the House of Eustolios, the House of the Gladiators and the Nymphaeum. Kourion is a must-visit destination in Cyprus for its many remarkable historical and cultural attractions.

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