Kalanggaman Island


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Kalanggaman Island - Philippines
Kalanggaman Island - Philippines
@namu_photograph - Unsplash
Kalanggaman Island
📍 Philippines
Kalanggaman Island is an idyllic haven located in Palompon, Philippines. It is best known for its crystal clear waters, pristine white sand beaches and photogenic rock formations. This tiny island boasts a spectacular beach, perfect for swimming and snorkeling. Enjoy diving in and discovering the vibrant, colorful marine life of the island. It also offers a vast stretch of lagoons and seagrass beds, a haven for many species of birds and sea creatures. Well-maintained trails with wooden pathways and swaying palm trees take you all the way from the beach to spotting watchtowers. After a rewarding exploration, guests can relax with relaxing massages and beachfront accommodations. Kalanggaman Island is one tropical paradise you don't want to miss!

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