Heart Rock


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Heart Rock - 从 Sutro Baths, United States
Heart Rock - 从 Sutro Baths, United States
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Heart Rock
📍 从 Sutro Baths, United States
Heart Rock located in the Golden Gate National Recreation Area in San Francisco, United States is a natural structure created by erosion with a fantastic view of the Pacific Ocean. It looks like a heart-shape formation between the two rocky cliffs. This place offers a peaceful and dynamic atmosphere for visitors to enjoy nature. The Heart Rock path has a unique, steep, rock face terrain offering breathtaking views of the ocean from the top, which can be accessed from the Coastal Trail. It also offers a unique photography opportunity for professional and amateur photographers and travelers. Careful navigation is important, as the path is not maintained, is narrow, and sometimes hard to find. Visitors of this place often come across wildlife such as seals, eagles, and other seabirds.

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