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Glaswaldsee - Germany
Glaswaldsee - Germany
📍 Germany
Glaswaldsee, in Bad Rippoldsau-Schapbach, Germany, is a beautiful mountain rainwater lake located in Central Black Forest. The stunning glassy blue colour of the lake is spectacular to look at. It is considered one of the most beautiful and best-known of all the high black forest lakes. Here, one can find peace and quiet and enjoy nature and its beauty at one's own pace. If you want to explore the surrounding area, you can take a stroll through the surrounding alpine forest and meadows that are full of wildlife. There are also some traditional wooden huts where you can spend the night. For the adventurous soul, there is also a range of water activities available to explore the lake, such as canoing and stand-up paddle boarding. Whether you are looking for a relaxing lake holiday or an adventure in nature, Glaswaldsee is the perfect place to visit!

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