Gernikako Arbola


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Gernikako Arbola - Spain
Gernikako Arbola - Spain
Gernikako Arbola
📍 Spain
Gernikako Arbola is a traditional tree found in the Basque Country, in Hondarribia, Spain. This sacred tree is a symbol of Basque culture and is known as the Tree of Gernika. It was designated a World Heritage Site in 2007 by UNESCO. Locals consider the tree to be sacred, and pay each other homage by gathering around it. The tree dates back to the 13th century, and has been a source of inspiration for writers and painters through the centuries. Visitors to Gernikako Arbola can explore the grounds to learn about Basque culture, as well as visit the museum dedicated to it. The nearby town of Hondarribia is a beautiful place to spend time in and explore. With its picturesque beaches, interesting markets, and charming harbor, it has something for everyone. So take a trip to Gernikako Arbola and experience this rich culture for yourself.

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