Fleshwick Bay


Fleshwick Bay - 从 Entrance, Isle of Man
Fleshwick Bay - 从 Entrance, Isle of Man
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Fleshwick Bay
📍 从 Entrance, Isle of Man
Fleshwick Bay is a beautiful secluded beach in the Isle of Man, which is a self-governed British Crown dependency. This bay is sheltered from the surrounding rocky cliffs, making it an ideal spot for swimming, kayaking or fishing. There are no resorts or buildings in the area so visitors can relax in the sand and take in the breathtaking views without interruption. You'll get to experience a taste of the wild in full as the curious seals often make their presence known. On clear days, you can spot the Mourne Mountains in Northern Ireland as well as Lundy Island in England. The sunsets here are also worth taking in! The north side of the bay has a small parking area where visitors can access the beach which can be reached by a short walk down a few steps.

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