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Ferreira - 从 Casa Forestal, Spain
Ferreira - 从 Casa Forestal, Spain
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📍 从 Casa Forestal, Spain
Ferreira and Casa Forestal, located in the coastal municipality of Ferreira, Spain, is a haven for those who appreciate rural beauty. Ferreira is adorned with old stone houses, wooden barns and breathtaking landscapes. Although there are plenty of hills among the lush meadows, the most spectacular are Santo Cristo Mount, S. Salvador Mount, Alto de Comairo, Alto de Castro and Alto de Navia. Some of the paths winding through the hills have been there since ancient times, such as the Monte dos Temos Way.

Visitors can also marvel at some of Ferreira's local ancestral crafts such as basket weaving, leatherworking and carpentry, seen in the traditional Ferreira and Casa Forestal. The Ferreira cuisine is renowned for its tasty fish and shellfish dishes as well as its unique local bread, which is a delicacy worth trying. Ferreira and Casa Forestal are also home to a variety of wildlife and birdlife, making it perfect for nature lovers. The combination of nature, culture and tradition makes Ferreira and Casa Forestal an ideal destination.

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