Faro De Navidad


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Faro De Navidad - 从 Ferry, Spain
Faro De Navidad - 从 Ferry, Spain
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Faro De Navidad
📍 从 Ferry, Spain
Faro De Navidad (Christmas Lighthouse) is situated in La Manga del Mar Menor, near Cartagena, Spain. It is a rocky islet that rises up to 4 meters above sea level. The lighthouse is 19 meters high and it shines 250 m up in the air to help ships steer clear of the dangerous rocks. During the day, the lovely white tower can be seen throughout the entire bay of Cartagena. The lighthouse is easily accessible by small boats and it is surrounded by beautiful crystal clear waters. This gorgeous spot is perfect for a leisurely stroll and to socialize with locals. You will be enchanted by the stunning surroundings and a visit to Faro De Navidad is the perfect way to get a unique experience of the Costa Calida.

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