Far de cap de Creus


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Far de cap de Creus - 从 Restaurant, Spain
Far de cap de Creus - 从 Restaurant, Spain
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Far de cap de Creus
📍 从 Restaurant, Spain
Far De Cap de Creus is a captivating lighthouse located in the Peninsula of Cap de Creus, near the seaside town of Cadaqués in Spain. The place is known for its beauty, both by its dazzling turquoise water and grassy plains. Itrises from sea level and makes for a memorable sight as you approach. Explore the rocky coast, with its winding trails, as well as the nearby beaches. Marvel at the old fort, which is home to some interesting history and contains a museum. You can also take in the stunning vista, whether it be the sweeping Atlantic coast or the port town of Cadaqués, with its Mediterranean vibe and hilly skyline. With a bit of luck, you may even glimpse the star of this region and iconic symbol of Catalan culture: the Mediterranean monk seal.

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