Faena Hotel


Faena Hotel - United States
Faena Hotel - United States
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Faena Hotel
📍 United States
Located in the vibrant heart of Miami Beach, the Faena Hotel is a luxurious oasis in a bustling beach city. Transformative architecture, vibrant interiors, an extravagant art collection, and impressive restaurants, bars and lounges make it a unique experience that will be remembered forever. Faena Hotel's 242 rooms and suites are designed with intricate attention to detail and provide guests with all the comforts of home. The amenities and services offered here will make your stay even more special: high-end spa, outdoor pools, beach service, valet parking, concierge, and many more. Faena Hotel also offers cabaret, theater, and other entertainment from their Faena Theater, and an expansive art collection making it an ideal place for art and culture lovers. With its amazing offerings, Faena Hotel has become a hotspot for Miamians and travelers alike.

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