EXPO Hanbit Tower


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EXPO Hanbit Tower - South Korea
EXPO Hanbit Tower - South Korea
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EXPO Hanbit Tower
📍 South Korea
EXPO Hanbit Tower, a modern landmark of Daegu, is housed in a unique high-rise tower complex. A brand new landmark built in the heart of Daegu, it houses the national convention center, international conference center, and luxury business hotel. EXPO Hanbit Tower has the highest feet of any building in Daegu, at 300m, which offers a panoramic view of the city. Visitors can enjoy the high-end restaurants, shops, and lobby areas throughout the complex. It also has many hands-on attractions such as the bungee jump, observatory, and much more. There's even an art gallery inside. It provides a relaxing atmosphere to anyone who wants to take a break from their busy schedule. EXPO Hanbit Tower is a great place to get a breathtaking experience and is definitely worth exploring.

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