El Tajo de Ronda


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El Tajo de Ronda - 从 Puente Nuevo, Spain
El Tajo de Ronda - 从 Puente Nuevo, Spain
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El Tajo de Ronda
📍 从 Puente Nuevo, Spain
El Tajo de Ronda, or the Gorge of Ronda, is a limestone ravine with spectacular vertical walls located in the town of Ronda, Spain. The edge of the gorge is 350m above the bottom, with a spectacular view of the valley below. The Gorge of Ronda is known for its iconic Pilón de Don dos Vistas church, which was once a part of the city's wall. It is also known for the Puente Nuevo, an iconic stone bridge built between 1751 and 1793. The bridge — a marvel of engineering — is 98m high, has three hoists, and spans the gorge for 66m. Its walls are about 30m high, and at its centre, the arch is more than 20m wide. Visitors can take pictures of the breathtaking views from the bridge, explore the winding streets of the old city, and soak up centuries-old culture and history. In Ronda, you can also find plenty of green parks, archaeological sites, and world-renowned flamenco shows.

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