Doonagore Castle


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Doonagore Castle - 从 Road, Ireland
Doonagore Castle - 从 Road, Ireland
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Doonagore Castle
📍 从 Road, Ireland
Doonagore Castle is a well-preserved 16th-century tower house located in the village of Doonagore, County Clare, Ireland. It is easily accessible, located only 8 km from the world-famous Cliffs of Moher, and is surrounded by panoramic views of Galway Bay. It has been home to richly-renovated luxury rental suites since 2018, with two bedrooms and a Victorian-inspired courtyard.

The castle is a great stop for any traveler or photographer interested in Medieval-era architecture. Tourists can explore the rooms and hallways of the castle, taking in features like the original slate-slab flooring, climbing the staircase to the top which was once used as lookout point by warriors. You can also visit the local graveyard, or simply take in the incredible views from the turret.

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