Dom zu Fulda


Dom zu Fulda - 从 Tränke, Germany
Dom zu Fulda - 从 Tränke, Germany
Dom zu Fulda
📍 从 Tränke, Germany
The Dom zu Fulda (Fulda Cathedral) is an impressive Baroque-style church located in the city of Fulda, Germany. Construction on the church began in 1704 and was completed between 1728 and 1732. The Cathedral features a distinctive façade which incorporates two large white towers. Inside, the Cathedral contains two impressive Baroque altars, several baroque frescoes, and a stunning example of a Baroque organ. The Cathedral is open for visitors during the summer months and visitors can view the Church’s impressive interior, explore its twin towers, and even climb its open tower stairway for amazing views of the Fulda Valley. Muensterbau, a church party, is a major event at the Cathedral. This event brings together citizens of Fulda to celebrate the Baroque architecture and music of the Cathedral.

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