Dniéster River


Dniéster River - Moldova
Dniéster River - Moldova
Dniéster River
📍 Moldova
The Dnieper River is a major river in Eastern Europe, with both Moldovan and Ukrainian banks. It is the fourth longest river in Europe and forms part of the border between Moldova and Ukraine. One of the major attractions along its banks is the impressive Soroca Fortress. Built in 1499, this fortress has been historically important in Moldovan-Ukrainian history and commands a breathtaking view of the city. It is well worth a visit for the history-buffs and sightseers alike. Further downstream, the river meanders through smaller Moldovan towns and numerous beaches that draw tourists from all over. In modern day, a lot of the banks have become popular tourist spots and an array of activities, ranging from water sports to fishing, are available depending on season. There is also always a plethora of fresh produce and seafood to be had. It's no wonder why the Dnieper River is such a popular travel destination!

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