Dent d'Oche


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Dent d'Oche - France
Dent d'Oche - France
Dent d'Oche
📍 France
Dent d'Oche is a geological formation situated in the heights of Bernex, in the French Alps. It is believed to date back to the Tertiary period, more than 25 million years ago. This formation makes a striking sight, with its rounded crest and steep cliff face which juts out of the mountain ridge. Dent d'Oche offers remarkable views of Mont Blanc, Aiguille Verte, Mont Roux and Mont Saleve. Its a popular hiking spot, and there are several trails which can take you near the base of the formation. Don't forget your walking shoes as the paths will be slippery if it's been raining recently. There are also a number of restaurants and cafes nearby which provide refreshments to weary hikers.

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