Cougar Hot Springs Trail


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Cougar Hot Springs Trail - United States
Cougar Hot Springs Trail - United States
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Cougar Hot Springs Trail
📍 United States
The Cougar Hot Springs Trail, in Blue River, Oregon, United States, is a beautiful hiking trail which leads you to an amazing set of natural hot springs. The springs can reach up to 102 F, so be sure to not scald yourself. The trail meanders through a dense old-growth temperate rainforest with plenty of opportunities to observe a variety of wildlife. There’s also plenty of opportunities for bird watching along the way. The area is also known for its inordinate amount of wild mushrooms, so don’t be afraid to forage for some food! There is a wide array of activities available here, such as bathing and lounging, swimming, photography, and camping (camping at the hot springs is open first-come, first-serve basis). Bring any necessary supplies you may need, and enjoy your stay!

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