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Compatsch - 从 Fields, Italy
Compatsch - 从 Fields, Italy
📍 从 Fields, Italy
Compatsch, located in the village of Kastelruth in the Italian Alps, is a small yet full of charm terraced town. Sitting at the feet of the highest mountain of Alto Adige (Sella mountain), Compatsch is the perfect base from which to explore the Dolomites. From here, you can take the "Sellaronda" or the "Gherdëina Cycle Route" to discover the splendor of the region. You can also take a cable car or hike to the Nature Park of the Sella Mountains. Compatsch also offers plenty of sun terraces and gastronomic experiences to make your trip even more enjoyable. Don't miss a visit to the Col de Mesdì farm to visit the local cheese makers.Explore the ancient charm of Kastelruth, a scenic village located at the foot of Seiser Alm, where you can marvel at the traditional architecture, visit local museums, or take part in cultural and music festivals throughout the year. Compatsch is a perfect destination for nature and culture lovers.

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