Como Park Zoo & Conservatory


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Como Park Zoo & Conservatory - United States
Como Park Zoo & Conservatory - United States
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Como Park Zoo & Conservatory
📍 United States
The Como Park Zoo & Conservatory in Saint Paul, United States is a great place to enjoy some family fun. Visitors have the chance to observe over 500 species from all over the world, including lions, giraffes, elephants and many others. The zoo also features interactive exhibits such as the Great Ape House, and many recreations of natural habitats. The Aviary, modeled after the tropical habitats of southern Asia and South America, houses more than 400 birds. The Como Park Conservatory offers four distinct indoor garden areas, each with its own set of diverse flowers, trees and shrubs. From blooming tropicals and vibrant annuals to ferns and soft succulents, the Conservatory is filled with something beautiful to see around every corner. A highlight of the Conservatory is the Fuad Mesbahi Hummingbird Garden, where visitors have the chance to observe dozens of different colorful hummingbirds.

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